Posted 3 days ago

Review of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks (Text Version)

  The movie starts by introducing our villains, Adagio I don’t care for, the one with the two pig tails isn’t even given a NAME which is of course a complete negative all around. And Sonata….is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

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(The Starbound Pony) EP4 - A Dry Day in Hell

But there are caveats; it has been found that the more intellectually advanced the Floran, the more susceptible they are to rejection of the Drysapping process. Those whose bodies reject the Drysap soon grow enraged and antisocial, reporting visions and night terrors.

Perhaps it is too early to allow Drysap treatment to gain mass circulation. Perhaps I shall send it to The Dust. At least there, any Floran Greenguard who succumbs can be marched straight into a cell.

-Codex Entry: Notes on Drysap #2

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What Could Have Been - Magical Mystery Cure Explained

So everypony known about the notorious season finale Magical Mystery Cure, and how everypony got their cutie marks mixed up. However a lot of attention has been drawn to the fact that Rainbow Dash’s special talent wasn’t weather control which is what Rarity was clearly doing. Most people shrugged this off as “Rarity is a unicorn, and thus she couldn’t have had Rainbow’s love of flying and speed.” However there’s something that most people fail to catch while analyzing this chain of events, and when you take the extra information into account it leads to a series of events that ultimately explain, and justify Rarity’s false talent being weather control. (Warning: Lots of text)

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Posted 2 weeks ago

A Spoopy Update

Happy Nightmare Night

I’m going to be wrapping up several stories, including Starbound Pony, and RWBY.  Afterwords, I’m going to be taking an extended hiatus from Tumblr (and possibly YouTube).

The reason being is that I’m actually starting to write my own book.  It’s going to take most of my spare time, and if I’m working on fanfictions I can’t really spend much time on it.  I’m determined to get this book out, and make it as professionally made as possible, so all of my efforts will be put into it.

That being said, this will probably be my last update.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my tales, and I hope you look forward to the 3 I hope to release this month.

-ACE out.

Posted 1 month ago

(The Starbound Pony) EP 3 - A Cult Classic

This episode has no picture as it is the introduction to a much larger episode that will be coming up next month.

Mushrooms are taking over the galaxy. Agarans, to be precise. I’m sure you’ve seen them, waddling about, making their terrifying pods, yelling in unknown tongues. What you may not be aware of is just how dangerous they are.

-Codex entery: The Agaran Menace

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RWBY: RPED - Episode 10 Ruby Red vs. Electric Blue Part 2

There’s a point at where it tips…

There’s a point at where it bends…

There’s a point at where it breaks…

And a point we just can’t take…

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(The Starbound Pony) EP2- A Glitch in the System

In my time here, I’ve never heard the Glitch planning these roles, they simply happen, working like clockwork. Despite the species’ somewhat backwards technological state, they’re remarkably efficient.

-Codex: A note on Glitch Hierarchy

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Posted 1 month ago

(The Starbound Pony) EP1 - Aboard the EqRF - Wonderbolt

Dear Princess Celestia,

I seem to have misplaced the Canterlot Science Portable Dragon Postal Device, so I can’t actually send this to you right now. But, I’m going to write these letters anyways, and when I return home, I’ll have one hay of a story to tell. - Codex: A Letter to Princess Celestia

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Xelandrex and Azir


The desperate pursuit of power…That’s all this has ever represented…

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Finally Back!

Okay so I’m finally back.  After 2 painful copyright strikes on my personal youtube channel, a killer brony convention, and I now have the job I was trying to get.  I can finally get back to putting up more stories.

First off, I WILL get RWBY to you guys by the end of the month.  After that I wanted to try a few new things.  Ranging from posting some (non-pony) OCs, and even trying out a few unorthodox things.

Since I’ve decided I no longer wish to pursue my personal Youtube channel, I will be dedicating a lot more time to writing and posting on here, however I feel that the best way to go about this tumblr is to not make any specific plans during the month unless I’m continuing a story I was already writing.  

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy my tales!

-ACE out!