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(The Starbound Pony) EP 3 - A Cult Classic

This episode has no picture as it is the introduction to a much larger episode that will be coming up next month.

Mushrooms are taking over the galaxy. Agarans, to be precise. I’m sure you’ve seen them, waddling about, making their terrifying pods, yelling in unknown tongues. What you may not be aware of is just how dangerous they are.

-Codex entery: The Agaran Menace

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RWBY: RPED - Episode 10 Ruby Red vs. Electric Blue Part 2

There’s a point at where it tips…

There’s a point at where it bends…

There’s a point at where it breaks…

And a point we just can’t take…

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(The Starbound Pony) EP2- A Glitch in the System

In my time here, I’ve never heard the Glitch planning these roles, they simply happen, working like clockwork. Despite the species’ somewhat backwards technological state, they’re remarkably efficient.

-Codex: A note on Glitch Hierarchy

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(The Starbound Pony) EP1 - Aboard the EqRF - Wonderbolt

Dear Princess Celestia,

I seem to have misplaced the Canterlot Science Portable Dragon Postal Device, so I can’t actually send this to you right now. But, I’m going to write these letters anyways, and when I return home, I’ll have one hay of a story to tell. - Codex: A Letter to Princess Celestia

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Xelandrex and Azir


The desperate pursuit of power…That’s all this has ever represented…

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Finally Back!

Okay so I’m finally back.  After 2 painful copyright strikes on my personal youtube channel, a killer brony convention, and I now have the job I was trying to get.  I can finally get back to putting up more stories.

First off, I WILL get RWBY to you guys by the end of the month.  After that I wanted to try a few new things.  Ranging from posting some (non-pony) OCs, and even trying out a few unorthodox things.

Since I’ve decided I no longer wish to pursue my personal Youtube channel, I will be dedicating a lot more time to writing and posting on here, however I feel that the best way to go about this tumblr is to not make any specific plans during the month unless I’m continuing a story I was already writing.  

With that in mind, I hope you all enjoy my tales!

-ACE out!

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Posted 1 month ago

Not Dead Just…Dying???

Hey every pony

I’m sorry I didn’t get to July’s updates like I promised.  A lot of things happened in July.

The most important one is that I got fired; since I no longer have a job the entity of my focus is being spent on getting a new one.  Until then all youtube, and tumblr activities will be grinding to a halt. 

I should have a job by the end of August though, and my activities will resume as soon as I’m back in the workforce.  I know that sounds kind of weird; that I only want to work on my tumblr, and youtube while I have a job, but as much as I enjoy creating videos, and writing stories I have a car to pay off, and a slight rent, and I need to focus on getting money back into my bank.

Stories will resume later this month, as soon as I’m done finishing Mayhem is Magic for Brony Fan Fair.  Until then I will catch you all later.

-ACE out.

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And Happy Birthday Where I Live!

July is finally here, and I’m finally back from my hiatus.  Though admittedly it didn’t feel like much of a break with all the work I was doing on my other blog…>.>


I’ve stalled for long enough.  You guys are long overdue for the final chapter of RWBY - RPED, and I intend to finish it! (And probably put the chapters up on my new youtube once it’s done) [I’ll link you guys to my new youtube later assuming you havn’t found it already] (Here’s a hint, there’s a link on my main youtube!)

Asside from that, I’m going to be working on Mayhem is Magic some more in preparation for Brony Fan Fair.  I’ve submitted the game for it’s own panel at the con, and if I don’t get that I’ll just set up somewhere random for us to play.  My goal is to have the main 6 and 4 groups for background ponies for you to choose from for your teams.

I’ll see you all again when the last chapter of RWBY is complete!

-ACE out!